2015 Calgary Comic Expo

A fun time was had at this year’s Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo, where I had a table in the artists’ alley. At the table I had, of course, copies of Mythic Hero, but also sold some of my hand-made sterling silver jewellery, some of my drawing prints (my gestural drawings are most popular), a hand-crafted knife, and some T-shirts. I also had some of my friend, Michael Snyder’s, leather work there, and his stuff sold fairly well. People seemed really drawn to his sketchbooks with “My Little Pony” characters on them.

charcoal drawing, female nude drawing, nude woman,  original art, female nude shadow figure

Charcoal Drawing “Female Nude Shadow Figure” by Johanus Haidner

I took my kids with me, and while they spent a lot of time with other family members when I was at the show, they did come with me on Sunday, and both really enjoyed the time there. Both said that they want to go again next year. This is encouraging, as I like it a lot when I see that my kids are having fun! So, chances are pretty good that I’ll be there next year…

While I don’t find the workshops or panels very useful, and hardly attend them, I do find it fun to see all of the different displays, the various artists, new comics or graphic novels, and the many different vendors. I also get a chance to run into people I don’t see often. In fact I ran into an old friend whom I haven’t seen in many years, Jeff de Boer. He had some really neat rings that he was marketing there. Jeff is one of the more brilliant artists I know, it’s always worth checking his stuff out.

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