Johanus Haidner

Writer and Artist

Writer and Artist
I've always had a love of art and writing. I wanted to be world known for my art when I was in high school. And my B.A. concentrated on writing and drawing... It's always been my passion.
 Johanus Haidner lives and works in Edmonton, Alberta. Born and raised in Calgary, he has lived in Canada for most of his life. He finished up his MBA while living in Germany and spent a short while traveling around western Europe and has also visited Central Asia and a few other countries. He lived in Houston, Texas for two years after completing his university studies. He has been a military police officer, a teacher (grades 4 through 12), a cook, a baker, dealt several games in casinos, made concrete countertops, built a couple of high end, custom houses while managing a small construction company, worked as a graphic designer and editor, been a technical writer, worked as an internal auditor, a financial analyst, and spent more than fifteen years as an accountant. He now does small business taxes as his primary income, although his first loves have always been art and writing.
Mr. Haidner runs The Academy of European Swordsmanship ( in his spare time teaching German (KdF) and English martial arts to people from all walks of life. aged seven and up. HEMA is fun! He is a single dad to a boy and a girl who inspire him every day. They are the most enthusiastic fans of his artwork as well as the Mythic Hero tabletop RPG game he wrote. He is working on many supplements to Mythic Hero, as well as writing some children's stories, a couple of novels, and some other non-fiction. Johanus also he sells his artwork, and his handcrafted jewellery and knives. 
Choosing what to write is often my biggest challenge. I like so much! It's the same thing with my artwork... Okay, I don't do comics. I've just never enjoyed that style. Maybe someday.

I've written about business, I wrote a 300 page book on training trainers (the copyright on that is with Canadian Blood Services, since it was a contract writing position). I am writing a few different fiction pieces, including a couple of books... And have ideas for more. 

I am also writing about Western Martial Arts / Historical European Martial Arts, and hope to have something in that area out in 2018.

My biggest, ongoing project is Mythic Hero, my fantasy tabletop roleplaying game. I have a patreon for that, which will be up sometime in February 2018. It's kind of scary for me! I'll put the link here as soon as it's ready.

I also just published a small book called Advice to My Kids on Dating & Relationships​. I'll be publishing more such advice books soon. 
About my Drawings
Most of the art I've been doing lately is for Mythic Hero. I'm drawing all kinds of things, from monsters to heros, to simple objects for the upcoming supplements.
My Other Artwork
I also enjoy sculpting, making jewellery, and some painting. I used to do this fulltime... But life changes forced me away from this. Now I just do it mostly for fun. The occasional items will be shown here for sale. But most won't be for sale.
Future Projects
I do some commissions in both artistic work and jewellery, by request only. For the near future I plan on concentrating on my patreon and non-fiction books. Keep watching to see what new things I release!