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New Armour Tie Design

I had a client as me to make a new tie for him, and decided to do a new design. This one turned out fantastic! I decided to redesign the back of these, so that they are more stable, as … Continue reading

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Handbuilt Melamine Terrarium

This was actually kind of fun to build! My son needed another terrarium for his lizards, since bearded dragons cannot be housed together. If they are, they tend to bite each other, fight, and even eat parts of one another. … Continue reading

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(No) Fun from Toys R Us

Last December I bought my daughter a Lexipad,  a kids’ tablet, that had some games, books, and shows on it that she really liked. However, after the second charge, it wouldn’t work any more. I checked it out in the … Continue reading

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2015 Calgary Comic Expo

A fun time was had at this year’s Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo, where I had a table in the artists’ alley. At the table I had, of course, copies of Mythic Hero, but also sold some of my hand-made … Continue reading

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Writing and Art Project Updates for March 2015

Last year I completed my Fantasy Role Playing Game, Mythic Hero. I will be attending the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo on April 17, 18, and 19 in the artist’s alley (booth I09) where copies of these will be available … Continue reading

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Mythic Hero Fantast RPG

I’ve finally gotten my fantasy role playing game completed. Well, at least the writing portion of it. Of course the lion’s share of this project is the writing! The book could be used exactly as it is. and that’s cool. … Continue reading

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Rape Amusing?

When I first saw the title of this video, “Why Rape is Sincerely Hilarious” I was offended. How could such a thing be? There are some people very close to me, personally, who have been raped. Both male and female. … Continue reading

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Current Projects

Yes, I’m really busy!Besides currently working full-time doing accounting (how’s that again?), and studying part-time, I have a few creative projects on the go… I’m doing a pair of gauntlets for someone in the USA. These will be nicer than those that … Continue reading

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Realizing My “One Goal” Personal Management System

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day andhe made an observation that I found interesting. He stated that he noticed that a lot of intelligent and highly educated people are less keen than others for any … Continue reading

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The Grant Writing Process

I recently applied for a grant from the Edmonton Arts Council. This is the first time I’ve ever applied for a grant, and it feels kind of odd. There’s a little bit of anxiety around it… And a lot of … Continue reading

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