Current Projects

Yes, I’m really busy!Besides currently working full-time doing accounting (how’s that again?), and studying part-time, I have a few creative projects on the go…

  1. I’m doing a pair of gauntlets for someone in the USA. These will be nicer than those that I’ve built before. And should fit perfect!
  2. I’ve been commissioned to do a samurai helm that will also be SCA combat safe.
  3. I’m writing a book on simplifying one’s lifestyle.
  4. I’m currently doing some translation and interpretation of some German martial arts material… Really interesting!
  5. And I have a drawing due this Friday for the Calgary Comic Expo… Hope I actually manage to finish it!
  6. The final parts of my game “Mythic Hero”.
  7. And I have several other things I would like to get done, including a new helm and suit of armour for me, a series of artwork that I’m titling “Shattered”, the beginnings of a graphic novel, several fantasy drawings, a new gauntlet design that is easier and quicker to build (something I could finish in a day or less that still has full protection and complete articulation), and all of the advertising that I need to get done to push my business forward… And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak.
So how am I going to manage all of this? At the present time, I’m not sure. I do know that I will be spending as much time as I can working on all of these projects. It is bothering my kids that I’m working so much at the moment. But I really don’t like being stuck in a job all the time and barely making ends meet (and I do not live an extravagant lifestyle, by any means). So I am pushing myself to have the security I crave! And the pleasure in my career that I need for my personal sanity. Honestly, I think that everyone should pursue their passion in a career, whatever it may be. Well, unless you’re a psychopath, of course. Ha ha!
I may also be attaining a new commission for a pair of fantasy gauntlets, which is interesting. I’ll post more on that if it goes anywhere.
Having  such an array of skills and interests does make some things challenging in life. I don’t have the time armour tie, metal tie, executive art, corporate artfor the kind of relationship that most people really want. And that is sometimes a bother for me. I know that’s a matter of choice, but I really want to accomplish something more with myself in this life. And that’s hard for some people to understand. Yes, I could easily go and work a hard corporate job and make reams of money (and more for someone else). But I really am not interested in that path. And so I pursue my creative endeavours. And it means I’m constantly coming up with new ideas for projects.
I know that I won’t ever complete most of what I think of. I have enough jewellery designs to spend the next two years doing nothing but making jewellery. Most of those will never get made. I have several ideas for books. Some of them will get written by other people before I get around to it. In fact, I know of one that did years ago. I removed that from my project list. Although I’m thinking of adding it back on there, since a new release might be accepted in the market. We shall see in a year or two where that goes… Ha ha!
Oh, and I do want to make some more armour ties. Yes, I know that my friend Jeff deBoer has made armour ties before. But I’m not making the same ties as him. And the current ones I’m doing are way more affordable than his… Different target audience. But I do have some ideas for some work in that target range… Hmmm… Gotta learn more about marketing (once again). <sigh>
Too many ideas, not enough time.
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