Finding Inspiration

I sometimes get the question of where I get my ideas from. I honestly have a hard time explaining this to people, because I get my ideas from everything around me! The things my kids say and do, dreams I have, the way the sun shines on an object, something I read – in the news or a book, something I overhear, and even thoughts that just seem to come to me. I honestly have more ideas than I will ever be able to produce in a lifetime (I know I should sometimes work harder to get more of these done, but there are just so many other interesting things to do in life)!

I have even gotten inspired by a piece of jewellery I’ve been working on. Sometimes I get ideas from things that I am currently making and think “what if…” and view how I could use the concept in a drawing or a new piece of jewellery. It’s the same with my drawings.

Johanus Haidner - silly inspirationI recall back in university, when I was studying drawing, and one of the people I was speaking with in a drawing class asked my how I could have ideas to draw things all the time. My response was, “How couldn’t I? Look around us! Everything has something interesting in it. Just drawing the land or a tree can be interesting.” Pull out a little imagination and think about it if an ogre walked out from behind the library building. What would that do? Or if we saw an odd shadow fly overhead. What could it be? A low flying plane? Or if there was no noise, then could it be a giant bird? How about some new aircraft that we’d never heard of before? Or imagine if the guy you talked to every day in the coffee line was really not from this planet. What odd thing might he do to give himself away? Why would he be here? And what kind of story could you tell about him?

Armour Tie by Johanus Haidner © 2011, metal tie, metal couture, medieval tie, knight, warrior

Armour Tie by Johanus Haidner © 2011

Inspiration comes from all around us. Our friends. Our family. The strangers we see on the street. God’s amazing world that just shows itself to us in it’s beauty, glory, it’s full ugliness, and everything in between. Creativity is just a matter of trying to pull what is before us into something that others want to enjoy and share.


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2 Responses to Finding Inspiration

  1. Angela Willberg says:

    Love it! It’s so true.

    I think some people have a gift of being able to see things more deeply, and on more levels than others. Although I’m sure everyone has a certain ability to be creative if they are willing to slow down and dwell in the moments, savoring them, rather than just occupying them, and blindly plodding through life.

    It’s wonderful to be able to experience the creativity of others, it can open up a whole new way of seeing the world, make us think and ponder what is all around us.

  2. Johanus says:

    I believe that we lose it a lot as we grow older. If you’ve ever watched little kids play, they all seem to have this amazing inspiration and imagination – anything goes and it doesn’t matter! However, they get told by older people, usually some adult they respect (like a teacher or parent or even an older sibling) that something is stupid or done the wrong way. And so that kills a little bit of that creativity. Gradually it starts to die out. It’s the fear within that does it. And we don’t even know it most of the time. Once that fear is realized and overcome, I believe that the creativity can once again flourish!

    So, like you said, the savouring of the moment can really help in that. It allows us to see things more clearly and not just through the darkened perspective of fear or anxiety. We can slow down and enjoy. And that can truly inspire!

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