Handbuilt Melamine Terrarium

This was actually kind of fun to build! My son needed another terrarium for his lizards, since bearded dragons cannot be housed together. If they are, they tend to bite each other, fight, and even eat parts of one another. Yeesh! And we wanted something of a decent size for them as full grown lizards. I looked into the pricing of something this big, and buying one would have cost me at least $700 to $800 dollars, possibly more. Ouch!

So, I decided to build one. And I made it better than what I could buy.

bearded dragon habitat, terrarium, 4'x2'x2' terrarium

Melamine Terrarium: 4′ x 2′ x 2′

This one has wheels, so it’s easy to move around. And the front area isn’t glass, it’s Lexan, which is almost unbreakable. The back area is melamine most of the way up, but then has a screen that opens (if needed). While I still had to buy separate light fixtures, I can at least attach these inside at a height that is safe for the beardie.

Another thing I like about it is that it’s very strong. I’m almost 200 pounds (yes, I need to lose some weight), and I can sit on it without worries. So, the top of it can function as a shelf or table top. In our case, I’ll be building another terrarium to go up there. Haven’t decided what kind, yet. Daveed wants to breed hs lizards, so we’ll need some place to put the babies before they get sold and while they are still young enough to house together. [Again, do not house adult bearded dragons together – they fight and can kill one another!]

And my son is happy with this terrarium! It’s easy for him to reach inside and he can see everything easily. Lights are easy to change (which I tend to do). And melamine is easy to clean, too.

If someone wanted, I would make and sell them one. But only on demand. There’s no way I’d build something this big and then try to sell it… It takes up too much floor space in my small home!


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