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I’ve finally gotten my fantasy role playing game completed. Well, at least the writing portion of it. Of course the lion’s share of this project is the writing! The book could be used exactly as it is. and that’s cool. But it would be nice to have a bunch more artwork in it that is done by other people, and so I’ve started an Indiegogo campaign in order to raise the funds for the artwork and to print the book.

My game is called Mythic Hero. It’s a high fantasy RPG, and is rather unique in a lot of ways. It has a unique personality system that is used in aiding role-playing. While other systems use such things as good or evil to define a character’s behaviour, the personality profiles allow for any kind of character one wishes to play, regardless of how brave, pious, outgoing, honest, or dignified. Using this system, the GM may award karma for the players to “assist” them in skill checks and other rolls. This personality profile system is something completely different, never used in any other role playing game.

Mythic Hero fantasy role playing game, RPG, Indiegog campaign, fund raiser, new RPGIt is a skill-based system, which starts each character with a career. The career may be anything that makes sense in a mythological fantasy setting. Want to be a detective? It’s possible! And the skills that you choose will continue to help you as you play more. The better your skills get, and the others that you choose to develop through play, will make your character even more powerful. And it makes it more fun to play! Heck, why not have a locksmith who inspires to become a knight? He (or she) can still use those skills throughout play. It will only be a help, rather than a hindrance.

The magic system is unique and works from manna points. Players may make up their own spells, and are encouraged to do so. With multiple areas of magical study, one cannot easily master all — but is certainly welcome to try! That would make for a very powerful wizard, indeed…

The combat system is based on what I have experienced through studying Western Martial Arts, so that makes it a little more realistic than just about anything you can find on the market. The armour takes into account its deflective qualities against the weapons, and can be mixed and matched (which often happened in history).

Have a look at my campaign! And give me all the support you can. I’d love it, of course, if you’d buy a copy of the book. But I would also like it if you spread the word about it and tell everyone you know about the campaign.

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