New Armour Tie Design

I had a client as me to make a new tie for him, and decided to do a new design. This one turned out fantastic! I decided to redesign the back of these, so that they are more stable, as there was a problem with some of the previous ones catching. And the bands that I use on this look better. While no-one really sees the back of the tie, I am happier with this, because it’s a better aesthetic.

armour tie, metal tie, metal couture

armour tie


The front, of course, looks great! They all do. The client likes the rippled look on this, which I’ve done on other ties. This one was custom fit to him, so that it hangs exactly where he wants it to. He gave me the measurements, and I worked from that. The leather is strong enough that this tie should outlast me… I’m really pleased with these, and they are a reasonably priced at $400 Canadian (in 2016. price could rise later, of course).

armour tie, back view of armour tie


















If you want one of these in time for the holiday season, order now! Otherwise I can’t guarantee that I’ll have time to complete it in time. Just contact me to order.

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