Writing and Art Project Updates for March 2015

Last year I completed my Fantasy Role Playing Game, Mythic Hero. I will be attending the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo on April 17, 18, and 19 in the artist’s alley (booth I09) where copies of these will be available for purchase. I will also be selling printsĀ of the comic, Mythified, at this event. I will also be selling some of my other prints, artwork, and jewellery there.

Mythified - still rolling hits_edited-1I am also working on expanding Mythic Hero. I’ll be adding a book on creatures, expanding the magic system (so including many more spells), and there are a couple of modules in development. At present Mythic Hero is only available directly through me and through a couple of select outlets.

I’m also working on a few handmade knives. These are of a higher quality, including Damascus steel blades on some. I expect to have a few of these available at the Expo, as well.

As far as my writing goes, I have finally decided what to work on first regarding Western Martial Arts, and will be releasing that soon. A specific date has not been set, so watch for that. I may even try to fund the printing through an Indiegogo campaign. Once this is done, I will also get some of my children’s stories out. There is no specific timeline on that, as the artwork for it is not done yet. I have a series of stories, which I call the “Freddy Stories” about a little dog and his family. titles include:

  • Freddy Finds a Home – where Freddy goes home with his kids
  • Freddy Takes a Walk – where Freddy gets out of the house himself and goes on a quest
  • Freddy’s First Birthday
  • Freddy Visits the Vet

There are more in the works, but these are the ones that are priority for me. I started these as simply making up stories for my daughter at bedtime when she was four-years-old. It turned out that both of my kids loved these stories! While my son has outgrown them, my daughter, who is now eight, still likes me to tell them to her. And it is time that I started to share these with the world. I haven’t decided whether to publish these myself of search for a traditional publisher, yet. With all of the other projects I have going, I am thinking that I will use a traditional route, and possibly have someone else illustrate these. I’ll decide that after Calgary Comic Expo. Either way, the news will be posted here regarding these.

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Tharsan, one of the many races in Mythic Hero.

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